PSA about “The Post.”

Hey everyone, it’s Cos.  I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, would like to apologize for the post I made.  The scenario I was addressing does not apply to me whatsoever; I am married with a beautiful wife and and a handsome baby boy.  The post was made in the heat of the moment in anger at some hypocrisy I had noticed on Tumblr.  I learned, through the women that reblogged that post, that it’s mostly hipster blogs and joke blogs that do the type of thing I was addressing, and a lot of women are happy being single.  I’m glad, you should be happy and do whatever you want with your love life. 

I’m still around and posting.  Please don’t send me questions on this blog, however, because honestly, I want to forget the whole thing; I left the anti-SJ/anti-feminism crowd because I was done being subjected to the toxicity this website can hold and the vitriol some people have against others.  Also, I realized something:  I made my Tumblr to interact with my fans and fangirls and fans of SIR.  God knows how I ended up in the anti-SJ/anti-feminism section, but that’s not the type of person my fans, fangirls and fans of SIR know me as.  They don’t know me as an angry man with a hatred for everything.  They know me as a happy, optimistic guy with LOVE for everything.  I realized that being anti-SJ and anti-feminist was not going to help.  I want to be a role model to fans of SIR and my fans and fangirls, and I decided that from now on, I will only post positive things on my blog and it will be a safe space for everyone.  I always say that there’s always room for improvement in life, and I’m always trying to improve myself (believe me, I’m Irish; I improve myself every time my temper comes out, lol).  Being positive and making my blog a safe space is a major step I’m taking towards that.

I will not be giving my main blog to you, unless you’d like to follow me for hockey, occasional pics of my movie, and some funny things and posts.  Again, I sincerely and deeply apologize.  Though it hasn’t reached past 1,000 notes, and I don’t think it will, I never intended for the post to reach such a wide audience.

Keep Makin’ Em Laugh and God bless and a very Happy New Year to you all,